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 Training Tactics

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PostSubject: Training Tactics   Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:27 am

Tips on how to get the most out of your training sessions.
We'll discuss our favorite training techniques.

First, you're going to need a LOT of points and a LOT of awakes. There's no way around it if you want to come away from your session with some real stats.

Cloak yourself:
If you're going to use any kind of training boosters (mild, moderate or Insane) you session will be a waste if someone wards you after you take your drugs. I strongly recommend shopping at the RP store and buying at least 1 booster pack for $19.95. It comes with a Major Mystic Shroud that will last for 2 hours. That's enough time for you to train all 4 areas.

Train one area at a time:
Start with the area that you care the least about. This is probably Speed. I say this because it's going to take a few minutes to get a rhythm going and your results will be less for this area.

You will should use an awake for every 3-5 trains or 30-50 points. Typically I go through about 1200 points per training area. This comes out to about 25 awakes. So, to train all 4 areas you should have 100 awakes.

Based on the Awakes calculations you should have about 5000 points for the whole session.

If you can afford multiple booster packs, buy them. You can use more than one at a time and really get the most out of those points & awakes. You can "stack" up to 5 at a time and they last for 20 minutes. Remember, use only one type at a time and them train that area ONLY. Then move on to the next area.

The more ofter you Awaken yourself the more XP you'll get per train but you'll go through a lot more Awakes. A really aggressive training session consists of using an Awake after every 3 trains. Doing this can easily increase your needed Awakes to 200. You will use the same amount of points cause you can only go so fast.

Training fast:
Use a tabbed browser like IE 7 or FF 3. Open one tab to the training screen. One tab with the Point Shop screen and one tab on your inventory screen and scroll down so you can see your Awakes.
Take your drug of choice, such as Potent Mantis Extract for Speed training, and go to the Training tab.
Select the training area, such as Speed, and click on the Train button.
Quickly go to the Point Shop tab and click Refill Energy.
Go back to the Train tab and press F5. This will repeat the last train exactly even though the display may show something different.
Repeat this process until your Awake is 30% or less. Your display will always be one train behind on the Awake meter so you should refresh the Points Shop screen to get a current reading or simply look at the results on the Training tab. You;ll be able to see when you're not getting much bang for your buck. Your first train on a full Awake may be 15,000, then second may be 12,000, the third 7,000 and so on. Depending on how many Awakes you have you may want to Reawaken more or less frequently.
When it's time to Reawaken click to the Inventory tab and click 'Use' next to the Awake Potions. Now it's back to 'Refill Energy and then Train. Over and Over and Over until your drug time is up or you've used up the points allotted for this training area.

Now, take a 5 minute break and start again for the next area. Since you have 4 area and the drugs last for 20 minutes, the 2 hours cloak gives you plenty of time to rest between training each area.

Super Training Session Gear:
5 pack of boosters $100
100 Awakes $37.50
10000 Points $65.00

Stack-use your boosters and reawaken every 3 trains.
You'll have about 5000 points left over but since 10000 is only $15 more then 5000 it just makes sense to buy them in bulk.

This is just a quick primer. There is more to come and we still need to talk about how where you live can affect your training.
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Training Tactics
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